Maison de Jardin - Self Catering Vacation Home

Maison de Jardin - Self Catering Vacation Home Maison de Jardin is a beautiful Self Catering vacation home in the Seychelles Islands. This authentic colonial home has original colonial furniture mixed in with contemporary designer furniture and accessories. The house and garden was used as a set for the filming of the made for TV movie "West of Paradise" based on the script by Michael J. Bird - Filmed for the B.B.C. TV in the mid 80's. To see more on this, Click Here!

The master bedroom has an antique white iron bed which can be seen in the West of Paradise movie as well. The large tropical garden Self Catering Vacation Home - Seychellesis home to Colibri, various tropical birds, chameleons (can be hard to find), 2 large giant tortoises. There are many fruit trees such as Mangoes, Star Fruit, Grapefruit, Avocado, Guava and Banana. Guests are welcome to pick any of the ripe fruit in the garden. The garden also has many tropical plants and flowers as well as wild orchids, frangipane, rose de porcelain and much more.

Beautiful Seychelles Island View

Our Self Catering Vacation home is safe and family friendly, and welcomes all travellers looking for affordable self catering holiday accommodation in the Seychelles. If you are convinced already and all set to make a booking request, simply visit our Contact page and fill out the form and we will respond with our availability on your chosen dates and email you a quote.


Features of our Self Catering Vacation Home

During your stay at Maison de Jardin you will have a choice of different services to sign up for:

    • Two bedrooms with double beds and single beds for children.
    • A very large wrap-around verandah where you can enjoy your food or drink while admiring the breathtaking views and habitat
    • All bedrooms have a private bathroom
    • There are fans in each room
    • A pool to relax and cool down in
    • A Gourmet Kitchen
    • Large salon with HD Plasma TV, Satellite TV, DVD player
    • Internet
    • Two large land tortoises on the property roaming free to see!
    • Welcome basket upon arrival at Maison de Jardin featuring water, bread, fresh fruit and more Maid Service is included
    • Gardener included
    • Breakfast preparation can be arranged for a small fee directly at Maison de Jardin or during your moment of reservation
    • Reliable car rental is available at a reasonable rate
    • Alarm system is installed
    • Fenced lot with electric fence



The Basic Rate for Maison de Jardin is 100-120 EURO PER NIGHT, this is based on 2 persons.


Rates may change based on the number of guests, the number of nights reserved and depending on the time of season.


Children under the age of 3 years old are free of charge. Children 3 years of age and older will be charged a small fee.


About the island

Mahé is the largest island (155 km²/59.8 sq. mi.) of the Seychelles, lying in the north east of the nation. The population of Mahé is 80,000. It contains the capital city of Victoria and accommodates 90% of the country's total population. The island was named after Bertrand-François Mahé de La Bourdonnais, a French governor of Mauritius.


Mahé's tallest peak is Morne Seychellois at 905 m, which lies in the Morne Seychellois National Park. The northern and eastern parts of the island are home to much of the population and the Seychelles International Airport which opened in 1971. The southern and western parts have Baie Ternay Marine National Park and Port Launay Marine National Park. The Ste Anne Marine National Park lies offshore, as do Conception IslandThérèse IslandAnonyme Island and Silhouette Island.


Mahé was first visited by the British in 1609 and not visited by Europeans again until Lazare Picault's expedition of 1742. Mahé remained a French possession until 1812 when it became a British colony. It remained a colony until 1976 when Seychelles became an independent nation.


Mahé's forests have rare endemic plants found only in the Seychelles, such as the critically endangered Medusagyne oppositifolia (the "Jellyfish tree"), the carnivorous Seychelles Pitcher plant and many species of unique orchids.



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